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Get to know at the tapestry, the latest City Development Limited project. Observe the tapestry floor Plan on the web.

At present, there is a lot of identification of buyers towards certain groups of real estate. This depends, of course, on the quality offered by these groups in terms of residential complexes, hotels, shopping centers, among other offers.

Today, the leader in the real estate business City DevelopmentLimited finds a magnificent offer of a residential complex whose name is The tapestry. It is one of the most advanced projects, worthy of the quality and design of a group as respected as this one.
The time of experience in this market is the greatest support of any type of building. The tapestry is based on fifty years of experience in the construction of real estate; therefore, it becomes one of the most interesting offers in the current market of real estate.
If you are interested in learning more about the tapestry, the recommendation is to go directly to their official website: You will find there specifications regarding the tapestry price and other important aspects. the tapestry floor Plan can also be requested from the website.
Some general details of this project can amaze you and get you to own some of these floors. It is a building that has 15 floors and 861 units. Security is guaranteed 24 hours a day and its legal end date is October 31, 2022.
When entering the page you can request that an explanatory brochure with all the details and images of the project be sent to your email. Also, if you want to see the tapestry showflat there is the possibility of acquiring a special VIP discount, these are available for a limited time.
Consider becoming an owner of this magnificent building. Remember that your home and that of your family is the most important. Do not miss this opportunity and find out about all the details of the tapestry project. An initiative that will give you the luxury and comfort you deserve.

November 17, 2018