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Heather Storm environmental activist, actress,and cheerleader

Born in Nevada, USA, in May of 1962, during her childhood and youth she grew up next to her parents learning to connect with nature, hunting, repairing and driving vehicles mainly by her father, although her family history does not he knows a lot, his vocation as an environmentalist comes from those first years in deep contact with the nature of his native Nevada, we are talking about Heather Storm, who after starting his own company of juices and healthy drinks was dedicated to acting in 2003 .

She is currently recognized for her participation in the TV show “Garage Squad”, although previously she participated in several roles in series and films with moderate success.
The personal life of Heather Storm remains quite secret and she has not given clear indications of her status as a couple or family, at 56 years old, she is not known as a couple and although she is quite active on social networks she does not let anyone see Nothing that makes you think you are in love or in a relationship.
His first projects have nothing to do with the acting fund and he directed a company dedicated to serving cocktails with fresh fruit juices, cutting completely friendly with the environment, after many different roles in films and videos comes to the co-management of television program “Garage Squad” where taking advantage of what he learned from his father in his childhood and Youth.
She has been able to handle very safe and show herself as a connoisseur of the automotive matter, in this show she was for 35 episodes until 2017, after that her career has not stopped and between her work as co-animator, actress and CEO of her own company Heather Storm, accumulates a total assets of approximately 2 million dollars, which seems to continue to grow as she is presented with opportunities to bring as the new series in which she had an appearance, “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

November 6, 2018