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Why was it so important to have a large coal supply in the past?

Man has always used his creativity and ingenuity to meet his needs based on what nature has offered him for free. In this way, fire arose, for example, with which they could generate heat to warm their bodies and cook food. Later, they discovered certain minerals that would eventually become the most valuable and useful for all of humanity.It is about oil and coal, with which they were able to generate electrical energy and completely change the lifestyle of people. In this sense, during the epoch of the industrial revolution, the coal storage and the coal supply that they had were really impressive, because thanks to it they managed to start up large machinery that served to create production companies, ships, boilers and infinity of products that in a short time became indispensable for humans.

To date, there are countries that still value this mineral, as is the case of China, where for many years it is the greatest source of employment in several communities. However, for several years now they have been forced to replenish the consumption of it because the carbon dioxide emanations generated by its use can be excessive in the old plants; which have caused damages to the population and especially to the environment.

It is seen from this, they have been given the task of developing and implementing other sources of energy production as alternative, especially at the industrial level, among which can be mentioned as hydroelectric, wind, solar, thermal or by means of combustion of biomass. It also includes nuclear energy that releases very few amounts of CO2 into the air, but which, nevertheless, has been the focus of several criticisms due to the fact that, like oil and coal, it is a non-renewable resource that generates waste that is very harmful to the environment and people.

February 8, 2019